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Spinneys’ Egypt at your Fingertips

Cairo, Egypt (June 8, 2017) Supermarket shopping has become a part of the digital world. Wanting to up the game with something that would truly stand head and shoulders above competitors, Spinneys Egypt gave local digital creative solutions agency e-motion the task of creating a unique, sophisticated e-commerce website. With content laid out in an easy-to-navigate style, users can browse through a huge range of items and check on daily offers. An added bonus is the smart integration of the website with the mobile app and loyalty programs. Now shoppers will have a host of benefits with a touch of their fingertips. 

The result is a fully dynamic, eCommerce Developed website, utilizing the e-motion content online shopping management system.  The search module enables users to find items easily by categories and locations,  making shopping that much simpler. The user-friendly interface is bright, colorful and attractive, and reflects the brand identity in an appealing way. 

Shopping has now become a pleasure rather than a chore for many grateful users. To explore for yourself, just go to:

The website is ready for eCommerce with full online shopping capabilities. 

About e-motion:

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