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e-motion is Now a Google Partner

Cairo, Egypt (May 16, 2018) – Leading digital creative agency e-motion has been honoured by Google with Partner status for demonstrating AdWords expertise.

e-motion will now have the right to display the badge on its website and marketing material, in addition to having full access to Google Partners search.

Partner status also allows e-motion to earn company specializations, through a selection system that highlights the specific fields of expertise of agencies, enabling them to attract more business that falls within their scope.

Add on invitations to events, training and rewards, all of which will strengthen e-motion's market position.

But the biggest winner will be e-motion's clients, as all of the benefits will help e-motion deliver an enhanced service as the company goes from strength to strength.

About e-motion:

Leading local digital creative solutions agency e-motion was established in Cairo in June of 1998.

Well-established as a provider of quality media content and creative websites, mobile applications and leading brand social media development,
e-motion places importance on accuracy, insight and professionalism when meeting any client’s requirements.

The agency has been accredited both nationally and internationally with prestigious awards for its diverse accomplishments which reflect its understanding of the technical, operational and market-oriented aspects of its field.