Social media
has opened the doors for individuals to finally express themselves and directly engage with different parties.

Not just personally but also professionally, social media has allowed product/service providers to have a two way communication between them and their consumers, building long term trustworthy relationships.

SocialSense aims to take advantage of this amazing tool of communication; social media, to reach client objectives.


  Through the appropriate tone of voice and common sense, SocialSense will bridge the gap between the thin line between two points of view, resulting in the common ground; the common sense; the truth and the rational behind it.

SocialSense talks to the mind and the heart. By reaching the right mindset, the emotions come in place smoothly.

"Socialsense seeks to find the common ground between opposite participating sides, representing the sound of the mind"

"Socialsense will be a continuous source of positive energy, bringing back the positive sense and behavior among all individuals"

"Socialsense represents all people; whoever you are, Socialsense can speak your language, speak your mind and speak your sense."

We believe that there is genuine reason behind everyone’s actions, therefore we absorb and accept anything from anyone.

We believe that honesty and transparency will give both parties the best outcome of communication.

We believe in the multiplication of energy and therefore we believe that being positive and believing in a better tomorrow will transfer to good results.

We not only commit to our clients, but we commit to our people, our mission , our vision and to our values.

About your return on investment. SocialSense offers in depth analysis and evaluation of your social channel communication.

What is your fan growth and when? This will notify you how well your channels are performing and whether you are going in the right direction.

Which day of the week was your interaction higher than any other day? Friday? Then you need to focus most of your communication during these peak hours.

  Based on your industry you can evaluate how well your channels are engaging with users and how well are they responding, in comparison to the general response rate of user questions.

Want to know how well your competitors are performing? Compare your pages and enjoy seeing your page in the lead.

Who are the most interactive people on your channels? Those people are your brand ambassadors and you should create alliances with them to benefit your brand as well as support them as they support you in return. We will support you in gathering all the necessary information that will help your brand move forward and develop further.