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e-motion DCA Announces the Launch of Avrelle Cosmetics' Enhanced eCommerce Platform

Cairo- Egypt: 23 July 2023 – e-motion Digital Creations Agency is excited to unveil the newly enhanced eCommerce platform for Avrelle Cosmetics, operated by Vision for Cosmetics. The platform, developed using advanced Shopify technology, features a plethora of innovative UX elements designed to enrich the customer experience and embody the essence of beauty and elegance.

About Avrelle Cosmetics

Avrelle Cosmetics, powered by Vision for Cosmetics, offers a captivating online experience where beauty and elegance intertwine seamlessly. The platform invites customers into a world of enchantment with its carefully curated collection of beauty products. Each visit to the site promises a seamless shopping journey, allowing beauty enthusiasts to unfold their personal beauty stories and indulge in a sophisticated and empowering shopping environment.

Empowering Women Through Beauty and Technology 

Avrelle Cosmetics is more than just a beauty brand; it's a movement dedicated to empowering women. e-motion developed Avrelle platform is designed to support this belief by providing an empowering space for women to explore, experiment, and express their unique selves without reservation. It’s a place where beauty is celebrated in all its forms, encouraging women to own their individuality with pride and confidence.

To further enhance this empowering experience, Avrelle offers a personalized beauty quiz that helps users identify the perfect hair care solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Additionally, the platform features a blog curated by beauty experts, providing insightful articles and tips to help users stay informed and inspired about the latest trends and techniques in beauty. Easy to update and streamline new content integrated with Avrelle Social media and beauty campaigns. Together, these features enrich the Avrelle experience, making it not just a shopping destination but a resource for personal growth and self-expression. 

Innovative Features and User Experience

The Avrelle platform incorporates several user-centric features, such as personalized Interactive hair-type based recommendations, a responsive design for seamless browsing on any device, and interactive product galleries ( by type, set or category)  that enhance user engagement. With real-time product updates and a streamlined checkout process, Avrelle offers a superior shopping experience that aligns with the lifestyles and needs of modern consumers. Quiz and blog for useful content to serve as a destination for those seeking beauty. The platform also facilitates creating offers and bundles for users allowing the brand to campaign freely and promote with its consumers.

Visit the website now:

About e-motion Digital Creations Agency

e-motion Digital Creations Agency is a leader in providing innovative digital solutions and creative products that push the boundaries of technology and design. With a focus on user-centric experiences and cutting-edge applications, e-motion DCA is dedicated to transforming the digital landscape and enhancing business growth.