Create beautiful templates

   Google Analytics Integration

   A/B Split testing

   Spam complaint reports

     Spam Testing
   Unsubscribes and bounces

   No ugly logos or links

     Export to Excel  
     Personalize your emails
   Suppression lists

   Inbox Preview-See before sending

     Preference centers  
     Automatically move CSS inline    
   Track subscribers via RSS

   Top notch deliverability

     Import subscribers with one click  
     RSS to Email    
   Add a form to your site

   Auto responders & drip campaigns

     Custom fields  
     Domain-keys and Sender ID     
   Segments Rules

   Lightning-fast CDN

     Social Reporting  
     Real-Time Track Clicks & opens     
   Team management

   Track conversions and ROI

     See email clients of subscribers  
   Real-Time Location Aware Tracking