eCMS stunningly powerful content and product management system.

When was the last time you updated your website content?

Your brand website should be VIVID with your content, the exact way you like it at the specific time you need it. A website success does not depend solely on our outstanding designs. Website sustainability and content updates are equally important. Here comes our secret ingredient for our websites: our e-cms.

The tool we developed exclusively for non-technical users, no HTML coding, no scripts. Nothing takes more than 2 steps to update. Nothing takes more than 3 seconds to publish.. Our customers staff love using it, and we love making it easier everytime we customize it for a new customer. A website update is not a hassle anymore, as long as you are licensed with e-CMS.

1. Static pages module:

This module allows website administrators to create static pages which contain the most basic type of content. Administrators should create static pages if the information on the page is static. An example would be "about us" page

2. Products module: 

This module allows maintaining a product database along with adding, editing and deleting product categories, sub products in each category, images, descriptions, PDF catalogues and various other attributes.

  • Service / products
Website will feature an advanced full dynamic services with ability to:
  • Add new service.
  • Customize service view.
  • Customize service specs ( create new database fields ).
  • Gallery for each service if available more than a photo.
  • Etc.
3. Media Centre module:  

Upload advertisements, videos, high res photos and logos for your visitors so they can watch or download, make your own channel. News agencies and Advertising agencies can download your source materials direct from this section with Password Protected login. 

4. Quality & Certificates: 

This Section shows the official quality certificates received by your company in order to reflect your professional business image.

5. Calendar of events:

Dynamic calendar of events which contains categories, colors, multiple views (month, week, day) along with adding reminders and also can be integrated with Google maps.

6. Newsletter:  

Collect your customers data in your database for later communication with them.
  7. News & Events module:

This section allows adding latest news of your projects or maybe your latest finished or under development products if this is allowed in the company policy. It will be fully dynamic from the backend so you can maintain and alter all news attributes such as date, title, and photo gallery, long and short descriptions. Also, you will be able to archive your news items and control publishing them online.

8. FAQs module: 

This module allows listing questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context and pertaining to a particular topic. Administrators, with appropriate permissions, can create questions and answers pairs which they want them to be displayed on the 'FAQ' page.

9. Contacts:

This section represents the company contacts with a full interactive and multiple views Google map which shows all branches location.

10. Careers:

This section allows promptly posting your recent job openings for your candidates, viewing a list of resumes submitted by candidates through a full online careers form and organized by department and also easily maintain and remove outdated postings. This module will let stay organized and save your HR department a lot of resources.

11. Searching module: 

Advanced searching module that will suggest a keyword while you are typing from the website content, searching will be inside all the content and  products. Results will be categorized for easier filtrations and faster results.

12 Company creation module:

That would enable you:
  1. Create a sub-company from the main company website, keeping the same group layout with different color  theme for each company.
  2. Adding different logo to each company theme.
  3. Adding contact page with its contact application and company departments.
  4. Creating new independent menu on the left for the new company.

  • User permissions & approval sys
  • High performance
  • Built-in security & firewall
  • Search engines optimized
  • Account registration/management
  • Google analytic full integration
  • Multi-Lang ( Front/Back)
  • Banners management
  • Staging
  • Secure content/downloads
  • Advances products manaagment
  • Edit content
  • Layered navigation
  • Preview before publishing
  • Auto backup
  • Form creator & management
  • e-commerce features
  • Version control with undo
  • Quick/Advanced search
  • Custom fields
  • Browse history
  • News/Calendar/Media center
  • Related products
  • Advanced careers management
  • Menu maker
  • Send to friend
  • Multiple photos
  • e-commerce ready
  • photo/video gallery
  • Heatmap & A/B testing

  • You can have multiple administrators on the website, each responsible for his section.
  • You can schedule publishing the content on the website on advance.
  • You can publish as many content at the website as you wish at the same second.
  • You can create the administrators and user accounts to publish on the website without returning to us.
  • You can manage your products cataloger no matter how complicated the details you have.
  • When you make a change on the website, you will be able to see how it looks before publishing.
  • You can change the graphics of your website.
  • You can change the color scheme and the background of the website per page.
  • Creating backup for all the website content.
  • Schedule backup creation.
  • Checking your website visitors statistics and Google analytic from the eCMS interface.
  • You can create your own events calendar.
  • you can connect the products that are relevant together.
  • You can post jobs online, receive resume and send automated replies.
  • You can change your website menu.
  • You can manage the website content in all languages at the same time.
  • You can rest assured that all the website content is protected and secured.
  • You can manage the selling product from your catalouge till money transfer.
  • You can integrate the content with any e-commerce system you are using.
  • You can upload photos/videos to your media gallery in 3 seconds.