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e-motion Halts Hackers of SEZone Government Website

27th January 2015: Local media expert e-motion came to the rescue when SEZone (North West Gulf of Suez, working under the General Authority for Economic Zone) faced ongoing attacks on their website which provides vital links relating to Egypt’s development. The attacks from unknown hackers had persisted for a period of several months. Using hardened security patches for code, scripting language and the database engine and the implementation of hardware, software and cloud firewalls, code review, dos attack mitigation and fix  e-motion has increased the site’s security level and defence mechanism.

Now responsible for maintaining powerful linux based hosting for the PCI complaint dedicated servers, e-motion will ensure that SEZone can confidently continue its valuable work.  By stepping in and offering their skills completely gratis at a critical time in the nation’s interest e-motion succeeded in saving the website.

Sokhna is fast becoming a new industrial hub for Egypt and the gateway of choice for Egyptian trade to and from Asia and the Middle East. SEZone is an economic Zone created mainly to utilize foreign investment, develop industries and exports to earn foreign currency, as well as to commit itself to the development of new, high technology industries. 

The development of SEZone is intended to provide an attractive environment for medium and light industries as well as logistics services, thus enhancing economic activity in the region and providing greater employment opportunity for local workers. Fully self-sustaining, SEZone promises to be a key benchmark in the evolution of Egypt.