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Golden QC100 TQM Quality Award to e-motion

Cairo, Egypt (March 12, 2012) The 14th Century International Quality ERA Convention - Geneva 2012 is part of the annual program of B.I.D., Business Initiative Directions Awards, designed to recognize the prestige of the outstanding companies and organizations.

e-motion promotional solutions received the Century International ERA award on the basis of CQE regulations and criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. This award is designed to recognize the devoted effort of the company to producing quality services with a customer focused approach and system efficiency.It recognized the company leadership and sustainability on the fields which it operates while concentrating on the most profitable areas of the business. The award ceremonies which took place on the Geneva intercontinental hotel was attended by several outstanding companies, organizations, and businessmen in the business world.

 The Ceremony was attended by companies from 74 countries, together with leaders from different business fields, professionals from the worlds of economics, the arts and corporate image, quality experts, as well as academic personalities and representatives from the diplomatic corps.

The QC100 Total Quality Management is a management style model based upon producing quality service, as defined by the customer, who grants the award symbolizing commitment to quality. TQM is defined as a process of quality-centred, customer-focused, fact-based, team-driven and senior-management in order to achieve an organization's strategy through a continuous course of improvement. TQM principles are also known as a total quality improvement, world class quality, continuous quality improvement and total quality leadership.

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