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e-motion DCA Unveils the New Splash Egypt Website with Advanced Features and Modern Design

Cairo- Egypt: 12 February 2024 – e-motion Digital Creations Agency is excited to announce the launch of the newly designed website for Splash Egypt, a leader in the design, installation, and trading of swimming pools and water landscapes. The new website showcases an impressive design and enhanced functionality to better serve Splash Egypt's diverse clientele.

Enhanced Features for a Superior User Experience

The newly launched website introduces several advanced features aimed at enhancing user interaction and streamlining the purchasing process. It is built on the renowned award winning eCMS (e-motion Content Management System). The site features an extensive product catalog showcasing a wide range of offerings from Splash Egypt’s own manufacturing line and high-quality European swimming pool machines and spare parts. A quotation requests cart allows users to easily add items for purchase and proceed to request quotations, simplifying the procurement process. The website offers various secure payment methods, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for customers.

Comprehensive customer support is provided through FAQs and contact forms to assist customers with their queries and enhance the service experience. High security measures have been implemented to protect user data and transactions, creating a safe online shopping environment. The responsive design of the website ensures that it is accessible and user-friendly across all devices, facilitating easy navigation and interaction. Additionally, the site is linked to Splash Egypt’s social media platforms to enhance sharing and engagement, thereby broadening their reach and community interaction.

A Digital Showcase of Splash Egypt’s Expertise

The website not only highlights Splash Egypt's expertise in the realm of swimming pool and water landscape design but also serves as a digital catalog of their extensive product offerings. This online presence is crucial in expanding their market reach, allowing Splash Egypt to engage with a wider audience and efficiently handle quotation requests from prospective clients. Within the first six weeks of its launch, the website achieved accelerating traffic, indicating strong market interest and engagement.

Visit the new Splash Egypt website at to explore the full range of products and services offered and to take advantage of the streamlined quotation system.

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